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Attendance Policy

Goals: 95% School-wide Attendance and 100% Daily Attendance Submission
Reaching our goals will be based on how well we follow the Harlan mandated attendance procedures!

Below is a summary of the attendance policies and procedures that must be followed by all Chicago Public Schools student:

The school Code of Illinois, Chapter 105, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Article 26, Section 26-1, provides that any child between the ages of 7 and 16 years shall attend a public school in the district where the child resides, with the exception of those children who are attending a private or parochial school or those children school or those children who are physically or mentally unable to attend school. THE BASIC RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE REGULAR ATTENDANCE OF THE STUDENT LIES WITH THE STUDENT AND PARENT. 
The State Compulsory Attendance Law specifically states that the parent is obligated to see that the student is in school. Students who accumulate 18 or more unexcused absences per semester may receive failing grades. For the protection of students and sincere concern for the family, the following attendance procedures will be strictly enforced:

The Education For Homeless Children Act, Chapter 105, Illinois Compiled Statues, Article 45, Section 1-10, provides that when a child loses permanent housing and becomes a homeless child changes his or her temporary living arrangements, the parent or guardian shall have the option of having his/her child enrolled in and attending either: (1) the child’s school of origin for as long as the child remains homeless or, if the child becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic year during which the housing is acquired; or (2) any school that non-homeless student who live in the attendance office area in which the homeless child or youth is actually living are eligible to attend.