School Policies » Reinstatement


There are only six acceptable causes for absence, as specified by the Chicago Board of Education. They are: 1) illness, 2) death in the immediate family, 3) family emergency, 4) observation of religious holidays, 5) circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent or legal guardian for the safety or health of the student, and 6) other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by the principal, or principal’s designee, on a case-by-case basis, including, but not limited to homelessness and its attendant difficulties. A reinstatement also is required for out-of-school suspensions.

Upon returning, an excuse note from a parent/guardian is required explaining why the student was absent from school on the previous days(s). This note must include a phone number where a parent can be reached for verification. The student is required to bring the excuse note to Office A and will obtain a Reinstatement form to take to all of their teachers. Upon receiving all teachers signatures, the Reinstatement form should be retained for the students' records. The excuse note will be filed in the students' records.