School Policies » Excusal from Class for a School Function

Excusal from Class for a School Function

Students who are excused from one or more classes to participate in a school function (field trip, assembly, concert, etc.) must secure the PERMISSION OF THE TEACHER(S) of the class(es) missed 2 days prior to the event in order to be excused.  A parent/guardian and teacher(s) must sign The Excuse from Class Approval Request form allowing the student to participate in an on/off-campus activity.

A teacher may refuse to allow a student to be absent from his her class. This might occur in cases where the student is not doing well academically. No teacher has the right to excuse a student from another teacher’s class. The student must have the direct approval of every teacher whose class he/she will miss. This includes the Advisory teacher. If the student does not receive the teacher’s written excuse PRIOR to the missed class, the absence will be considered a “cut” and the student may be subject to disciplinary action.