Dress Code

Harlan students will be required to comply with our approval code as follows:
Attire: All attire should be appropriate for a learning environment. All bottoms should be worn on the waist with a belt, not exposing undergarments. When wearing skirts or dresses, they should be knee-level. Examples of inappropriate attire are:
leggings, spandex/yoga pants, short/belly/midriff tops, undergarments worn as outerwear, mesh/see through/strappy tops, or tops that show cleavage, attire with gang affiliation, offensive images, words and/or illustrations, flip-flops or thong sandals.

Headgear: No hats, hoods, head wraps, scarves, bonnets, sweatbands, wave caps, earrings (male students), sunglasses,gloves. All headgear must be placed in your locker at the beginning of the school day. Students are not allowed to keep their hat with them during the school day; if seen, they will be confiscated and discarded/donated.

Failure to adhere to the Harlan dress code is a violation of the CPS SCC (1 – 3) with disciplinary consequences. A parent/guardian must retrieve any items confiscated on assigned date. Failure to retrieve items will result in the items being donation to a local shelter every thirty (30) days.