JROTC is a Leadership Academy. JROTC strives to better the lives of its students by promoting the following goals:
Promote citizenship
Develop leadership
Communicate effectively
Improve physical fitness
Provide incentive to live drug-free
Strengthen positive self-motivation
Provide a historical perspective of the military services
Work as a team member
Graduate from High School
Co-Curricular Activities:
JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC)
Drill Competition
Raider Challenge
Interscholastic/Intramural Athletics
Seven Units of Instruction:
Citizenship in Action
Leadership Theory and Application
Foundations for Success
Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid
Geography, Map Skills, and Environmental Awareness
Citizenship in History and Government
Cadet Safety
Interactive/Multi-media/Developed in conjunction with the latest research on student learning. Students can earn up to 8 hours of college credit.
What does JROTC Mean for Your Students?
Increased Confidence/Self Esteem along with Leadership Abilities, Decision-making & Problem-solving Skills, Courage for Dealing with Peer Pressure and an Incentive to live Drug Free. With all this at hand, your student will improved his/her Graduation Rate, Physical Fitness, Communication Skills and Cohesion to work in a team.
Motto: "To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizen"
This program prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.
Learn to become a high achieving student of good character and a better citizen. While promoting high school graduation this program
provides instruction and rewarding opportunities.
Students enrolled in the Leadership Academy/JROTC receive instruction that develops their leadership abilities, decision-making and problem-solving skills, their courage for dealing with peer pressure, and an incentive to live drug free. This results in an increase in confidence and self esteem. Participation also encourages improved graduation rates, communication skills, physical fitness, and teamwork skills, helping its students be better prepared for the world ahead.