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Academic Center

Harlan's Academic Center (7th & 8th grade Gifted Program) is one of the most prestigious academic programs in Illinois. Approximately Reservations 98% - 100% of our Academic Center students have consistently scored at or above the national norms on the Explore test. Upon completion of their 8th grade year, students are given the privilege to matriculate into Harlan Community Academy for their high school career. Among the recent graduates, who continued at Harlan, students have:
  • Earned validictorian or salutatorian titles
  • Dominated the Top 10 spots in their graduating classes
  • Embraced and excelled in Advanced Placement courses
  • Participated in the College Bridge Program, earning college credit while in high school
  • Received extensive four-year scholarships, such as, Gates Millenium, POSSE Foundation, and Dell
  • Attended prestigious universities, such as, Northwestern University and Purdue University
The Academic Center curriculum includes Harlan's award-winning Engineering Magnet program and participation in AVID. Harlan is the only community school recognized with the prestigious honor of being an AVID National Demonstration site.
Application Process
Parents of middle school (grades 6th and 7th) students are encouraged to apply to Harlan's Academic Center by filling out a GEAP application.
Please contact Harlan Community Academy High School's Counseling office at 773-535-5446 for more information.